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Delights History

Lokum as a palace dessert Turkish Delight (the traditional name “Lokum”) was first born at the Ottoman Empire Harem in the 18 century.According to a legend, the 27th Emperor of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan I.Abdülhamit, gathers the most talented master cooks of the time and orders them to make him a special dessert which will make him satisfy his wifes and hundereds of concubines in his Harem.. and borns the dessert with its elegant taste we know as Lokum -the Turkish Delight-Today Lokum has become one of the most traditional desserts flourished throughout the Ottoman Empire especially in the elite, with its properties of giving enormous sexual power and competence notably to man to satisfy their women.. Throughout the history, it has also got attention in the European realm with the merchants and governors who were in touch with Ottoman Empire, there starts the journey of the Lokum.. Napoleon, Churchill and Picasso are some of the known figures known to love lokum with passion.

Lokum Today;
Lokum as “Turkish delight” today is widely known throughout the world and has taken its place in gifts to family meetings, special celebrations to make a hearty sweet smile on faces with its otantic identity coming from the traditional Ottoman Culture, providing a rich variety of different tastes to anybody. Despite many alternative desserts have shown up through history, it is inevitably the most demanded dessert probably because of its elegant taste and glamourous irresistable look. And a little partner to plain coffee has always been aromatic Lokum.Just give it a try ;)


Special Formula;
While creating its traditional unique taste which was only available to the empire elites at those times, there is no doubt that the traditional Ottoman Empire cooking disciplines based on master artisan expert apprentice relations and profound cooking secrects of its time has been effective for it to last until recent days, making it possible for us to taste this unique traditional dessert like the emperors of its time. This legendary taste called Lokum which has conquered the hearts of the Emperors is made of three basic ingredients: water, sugar, and starch. But only those who were trained by a real master predesessor can create Lokum with its special recipe to touch its traditional taste. 


Those requires old cooking skills based on oldschool cooking techniques, using unique herbs at right amounts with patience testing methods requiring straight discipline.But the taste of Lokum which has been created by a real master will never be forgotton.


Moreover to its fame, it has many benefits to human health like helping the clearance of urea uric acid and creatinine from the body, protective effects to heart and circulatory system, regulatory effects to the nerve system and many others.

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About us

In 1930, by moving to Istanbul the founder of Marmara Lokum  Ali GUNERI had chance to meet with the masters of its time.He had learnt the special recipes, hints of making the real traditional Lokum working with different palace cooks for 15 years and  contrary to his young age, he proved himself quickly among them with his bright talent and hardwork.

After reaching master level, he moved back to his homeland Tarsus and built his mill to make the real Lokum in its traditional taste as he had learnt from his masters.


While working here, his son Ahmet GUNERI was his first apprentice helping his father while his father was teaching him all his secrets.These products that the father and son created with their love and passion for years have been one of the most elite and famous Lokum known for years. The most precious heritage that the father left to his son is the secret notions that he gathered from the masters to make it as in the days of the Ottoman Empire.


After that time, the son Ahmet GUNERI decided to carry this heritage further and spread this unique traditional taste throughout the world .For this reason, he moved his mill to Istanbul and opened a store in the 400 year old Misir Carsisi(Spice Bazaar) which is one of the most visited and known places by tourists in Istanbul.Today Marmara Lokum is exporting these traditionally made taste to more than 30 countries with its capacity of 180 tons per month. 

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